Outreach programme

Share your story and inspire others to explore!

Young people on Inspiring Explorers Expeditions™ share an experience-of-a lifetime in one of the most extreme and remote places on Earth. They return home filled with insights from their incredible expeditions, the jaw-dropping sights they have seen, the extraordinary wildlife they observed, and the many ways they have pushed themselves outside their comfort zones.

In the months following the Inspiring Explorers Expedition™ South Georgia 2023, Inspiring Explorers™ will deliver an outreach programme, where they will share their exciting stories from the expedition and inspire their community to go out and explore.

Outreach programmes can vary significantly due to the diversity of each explorer’s life experiences and strengths – but all can reach a wide audience in their own unique way, with the full support of Antarctic Heritage Trust, including a dedicated outreach co-ordinator to help plan, support and implement the project. Financial costs to deliver programmes will be covered in agreement with the Trust.

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Inspiring Explorers™ Programme Partners

Expedition Outreach

Within six months of expedition all Inspiring Explorers™ will be encouraged to:

  • Write a short blog post for the Trust’s channels
  • Write a social media post for the Trust’s channels
  • Complete three presentations to community groups of your choice (e.g. school, cultural or sports group, local Lions/Rotary/Probus clubs or your workplace etc.)
  • Participate in local media (as may be requested)

Within 6–12 months of expedition all Inspiring Explorers™ will be encouraged to:

  • Work on a dedicated group outreach project supporting an area of outreach such as:
    • Writing (e.g. blogs)
    • Social media
    • Media/public speaking
    • Immersive digital tech (e.g. VR/AR)
    • Content creation (e.g. music, visual arts etc.)
    • Videography/editing
    • Photography
    • Science/research skills
    • Other
  • Outreach projects could be an individual project, or we may find opportunities for collaboration across multiple members of the team for some outreach concepts, or we may ask members of the team to work across multiple projects. See some inspiring examples of past outreach projects below.
  • Inspiring Explorers™ will be working with our Inspiring Explorers™ Programme Partners MetService and Royal Society Te Apārangi on group science and research-based outreach projects. Full training will be given for any data collection or scientific experiments that need to be undertaken during the expedition.
  • This is an excellent opportunity to be part of a multi-disciplinary research team, get hands on experience and learn from exceptional mentors from our partner organisations about the full research process.
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Inspiring Explorers Sarah Magele and Jaylee Savage, Guide Lydia Bradey, and Inspiring Explorer A’aifou Potemani on the summit of Mount Ollivier ©AHT

Tom MacTavish nige3 1 of 1

Inspiring Explorers Expedition™ to South Georgia 2015 ©Tom MacTavish / AHT

Past Outreach Projects

We are looking for applicants with creative ideas for outreach to share the spirit of exploration following our next remarkable journey.

The young people who have taken part in our previous eight expeditions have produced a huge variety of outreach, ranging from orchestral performances, educational resources, photographic exhibitions, short films, presentations, VR and AR content, and much more.

All outreach projects are supported and funded in agreement with the Trust. The Trust supports a wide variety of outreach programmes – the examples below are of some of the larger outreach projects from previous expeditions.

Sadra Sultani – Inspiring Explorers Expedition™ Antarctic Peninsula 2019

Community presentations

Since completing the Inspiring Explorers Expedition™ to the Antarctic Peninsula in March 2020, Sadra has been busy encouraging the spirit of exploration in other young women and men in the Muslim community. As part of her outreach programme, she ran a series of online and in person workshops, and several Zoom conferences around the theme of exploration. She is currently preparing to take groups of Muslim women on expeditions around the South Island of New Zealand.

Sadra Sultani outreach 1030x686 1

Sadra Sultani © AHT

Marco de Kretser – Inspiring Explorers Expedition™ Antarctic Peninsula 2019

The Frozen Wild

In March 2019, Marco de Kretser travelled to the Antarctic Peninsula as a member of Antarctic Heritage Trust’s fourth Inspiring Explorers Expedition™.

Marco recorded the sounds of Antarctica’s frozen wild—the ice cracking, the birds shrieking—in order to bring those sounds back to the studio and create music inspired by the brutal, desolate, gargantuan landscapes. Marco wanted to create an interplay between the smaller details and larger saws and strings to mimic the nature of the Antarctic environment.

Marco Deception Island 1030x583 1

Marco de Kretser © AHT

Listen to The Frozen Wild

Marco de Kretser and Alexander Hillary – Inspiring Explorers Expedition™ Antarctic Peninsula 2019

Photo Exhibition and Soundscape

The sounds Marco recorded in Antarctica were also used to compose a soundscape, which accompanies a photographic exhibition in collaboration with Alexander Hillary, grandson of Sir Edmund Hillary, who was also a member of the expedition.

This selection of Alexander and Marco’s images, accompanied by excerpts from their diary entries recorded during the expedition, give us a glimpse into the impact experiencing Antarctica had on these two young men.

image00036 1 1030x686 1

Alexander Hillary © AHT

Lana and Mele – Inspiring Explorers Expedition™ Antarctic Peninsula 2019


After arriving back home from the Inspiring Explorers Expedition™ 2019, Mele and Lana were excited to feature across two episodes on kid’s TV show ‘Fanimals’. They shared the story of their trip to the Antarctic Peninsula, where they learned about wildlife, the history of polar exploration, and science happening on the ice today.

mele fetuu and lana 5bd2876b7eced7.09246961 600x600 1

Mele Fetu’u and Lana Kiddie-Vai © AHT

Owain John – Inspiring Explorers Expedition™ Antarctic Peninsula 2020

Environmental Education

Owain John’s desire to share his Antarctic experiences is expressed through his social enterprise, Squawk Squad. Squawk Squad’s vision is to inspire a generation of tamariki (children) to become kaitiaki (guardians) of Aotearoa-New Zealand through education and action by building a world-class environmental education platform and running digital programmes that empower collective action.

With footage shot during the expedition, Owain created an eight week environmental adventure to Antarctica where New Zealand school children learn about climate change and Antarctica’s relevance to the world. One topic focused on the early explorers to Antarctica and connected students with the Trust’s work and the spirit of exploration. Teachers signed up to the programme received curriculum-linked lesson plans focused on Antarctica with climate change causes and solutions. More than 200 teachers and 4000 students aged five to twelve took part in Squawk Squad’s programme.

60ab0a281530717dcc56b719 Portal point filming Squawk squad

Owain John © Owain John

James Blake – Inspiring Explorers™ Crossing South Georgia 2015

Short film

The Last 36 is a short film shot by James Blake and follows the Antarctic Heritage Trust’s Inspiring Explorers Expedition™ to South Georgia in 2015 to mark the centenary of the first crossing of the island. The Last 36 retraces the epic journey of Shackleton, Worsley and Crean, as they crossed South Georgia for the first time in a desperate bid to save the lives of their stranded Endurance crew mates.

James is a special guest of the Trust on the Inspiring Explorers Expedition™ – South Georgia 2023.

James Blake c Rob Stimpson

James Blake © AHT

Anzac Gallate – Inspiring Explorers Expedition™ Antarctic Peninsula 2020

Augmented reality journal and app

My Explorer Journal was created and illustrated by 20-year-old Anzac Gallate, one of Antarctic Heritage Trust’s Inspiring Explorers™ in partnership with the Trust and StaplesVR who built the custom AR app. Anzac took part in the Trust’s Inspiring Explorers Expedition™ to the Antarctic Peninsula in March 2020.

Anzac’s My Explorer Journal is one of the most exciting and creative outreach projects delivered by the Trust’s Inspiring Explorers™ so far. Working with the Trust’s team, and production company Staples VR, Anzac’s project enables school students everywhere to embrace the spirit of exploration through the future focused lens of augmented reality.

Anzac Gallate outreach 1030x686 1

Anzac Gallate with My Explorer Journal © AHT

Ihlara McIndoe

Musical compositions and concert

Inspiring Explorer Ihlara McIndoe composed five pieces for flute, violin and viola, and full orchestra inspired by her 2020 Inspiring Explorers Expedition™ to Antarctica. One of these, On Satin Waters included pre-recorded electronics composed of water and ice recordings taken during the expedition.

The Trust hosted a concert performance of Ihlara’s compositions called A Musical Journey to Antarctica with Antarctic Heritage Trust Inspiring Explorer Ihlara McIndoe at The Piano in Christchurch, New Zealand and was livestreamed on 12 May 2022.

IEE2020 Marcus 34 1030x687 Ihlara

Ihlara McIndoe © AHT